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Trendsletter #10 - Algorithm bubble, libraries & cutting edge informations 💬

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Hello Reader,

Let me ask you a question: Where do you start your research?

If the answer is online, keep reading🤓

There is a problem with digging up online first. It can mean that you are starting the research and building up your work on bias. While searching the web (unless you have protection for it) your browser pushes you recommendations of research and content that could interest you most based on backlog search, habits and socio-demo characteristics. It is a trap and it is called the..

Algorithm bubble

The algorithm will provide you with somewhat pleasing content and things that you might have seen before.

How to counter that?

  1. Leave the online space walking, breathing, people watching and experiencing somewhere there is no laptop fume or possible Zoom calls.
  2. Leave it to chance meaning purposefully taking action to have random information, putting yourself in places where you meet people outside of your usual circle, reading news in other languages, random decisions that the algorithm would definitely not see coming.

I often tell my students, colleagues and research team this quote. I believe it sums up what mental space and open eyes you need to bring while researching on the future of X without bringing your apprehension.

I don't know where I am going, but I am on my way
Carl Sandburg

For this trendsletter, I've decided to take you on a tour of my favourite spots in Montreal and around the world to gather information and diverse perspective on a subject outside the online space. After all, it is the summer we all deserve a break from the laptops. ☀️


Kick-starting the research process of any mandate at the public library sets even grounds, printed resources helps establish the basis without opinions getting in the way. It is truly inspiring to walk aisles and aisles of experts words and dissect information through pages and notebooks, trust me - try it!

This interesting piece on The Guardian of 2020 interviewing Li edlekoort about the future mentions centre of the community being libraries. It is an argument I strongly agree with. Public libraries are way more than books lines - areas to play, communicate, teach each other, repair, rent, exchange, etc.. The idea of possession is changing and at the centre of exchange there are ideas like libraries.

In Montreal, the best spots are BAnQ for their magazine assortment. They have nice spots on the second floor to unwind and a whole team behind the scenes reachable via email. Another great spot is BAnQ Vieux-Montreal for its amazing decor and lighting and, of course, Biblio mode for their fashion, textiles, colours and youth culture selection.

Alternative libraries

📖​Uncensored library is embedded into the game mindcarft, an initiative to free the press and give access in countries where the information is controlled

📖Materials library around the world- not book but definitely inspiring and I different way to dig into feeling and physical emotions with this list by Unwrap CMF

📖Takeo paper store - Agreed it is not a typical library, but still very interesting to put mind and hands to the research process of paper

📖La remise - Tools library where you can rent to repair, learn and use in Montreal


Entering the public library, let's start with the magazine section where bi-monthly to annual editions are released. Most of respected public libraries have also a great selection of magazines (like the ones mentioned above). This helps to have on hand all the informations with having to pay for it all!

Personal favourites of the moment: WE demain | Sindroms | Beside | Caribou | Usbek & Rica | MixMagazine

For the ones not available at your public libraries, there is always stores to buy magazines. This is one of the best activities to do while travelling in order to leave it to chance.My personal strategy to contain from buying everything is to add maximum three to the collection:

  1. On specific research subject at the moment
    1. Of personal interest
      1. Random

You can also leave your magazine choice to the universe and subscribe to services like Stack or Do you read me sending you random magazines you wouldn't naturally pick.

Book section

Then off to the book section to deep dive into the research and specifics. Reading books about the subject is a great way to establish the introduction section when writing a report.

There is no one section that is interesting, but what I can say is some of the best documentary books on the subject for trend management, cultural insight listed here on Linkedin article and on Instagram highlights here are on section 619 | 658 | 791.


A lot of people tell me I should not 'release' my tips because everyone would steal my tricks. There is an aura in trends and foresight where you shouldn't disclose any information and keep methodology in a closed access. I am not in accordowith these views. I want to democratize the future and add diverse views on the topic, so feel free to steal all my tips, inspire, exchange talk about it. I also track my readings on Good reads in real time feel free to take a sneak peek and steal my reading list this one particularly!


📅 July 7 to 9th - 2021 Primer festival

Currently working on

There is a lot of subjects in the pipeline, currently exploring the future of: 💤 sleep | 🔉sound |🚌 transit | 👚clothes

The Future of clothes is a project by Pularility university. I am once again on the curational committee and the team is still open for contributions.


Happy to announce 🎉

That I will be building the future of business organizations and associations joining the Board of AIDAe (HEC) as strategic adviser.

Will also be building the future of ethical technology on the Young Leader Board of WAYE talks

& that the website has refreshed its image, in order to better connect and understand your business needs we established a fun form take the test

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See you soon!

Marie-Michele Larivée

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